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Foreign news correspondent Sune Engel Rasmussen (@suneengel) has his #EyesOn Afghanistan, a place he says is teeming with stories. “Afghanistan has, to some extent, dropped off the news radar,” he says. Sune is working to bring it back. Sune, who is Danish, arrived in Afghanistan in 2014 after three years of living and working in Iran. “I knew the Persian language and had a great interest in the region,” he says. Though he lives in Kabul, he tries to travel to other parts of the country, such as Helmand Province, at least once a month to understand the conflict happening outside of the capital city. “Afghanistan is an immensely fascinating place to report from, and every day offers new surprises about the country,” he says. “Afghans are generous with their time and their stories, and I feel fortunate to be able to listen to them and to experience this country at a crucial time in its modern history.” Photo by @suneengel
1 day ago
Turning an emoji into a polymer clay mosaic is no easy feat, but artist Linda Webb (@creekside_studio) made it happen with this little 😻. “This photo makes me happy,” she says. “This particular emoji is always used to communicate a positive message.” #WHPISpyEmojis Photo by @creekside_studio
2 days ago
“If I could send one emoji to my dog, which one would it be?” asks Samuel Jurcic (@lookoflal), blowing 😘 to his loyal friend Lal. #WHPISpyEmojis Photo by @lookoflal
2 days ago
As an architect, “I’m always looking for simple, minimal structures,” says Aida Rivero Díaz (@candyperfumeworld). “The fact that this is not a regular emoji made it harder to find!” Ⓜ️ Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project, #WHPISpyEmojis. Photo by @candyperfumeworld
2 days ago
Many photographers seek out the light, but for Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden), the most interesting aspects of human nature are in the dark. “I see a lot of beauty in the things I find dark and scary,” says the Arizona-based fine art photographer. “I’ve always been a joyous person, and I find that to be a little boring when you’re telling stories. I think that’s why I’m compelled to create dark imagery.” And yet Brooke also shines light into dark corners with The Light Space, a school in India she co-founded to teach photography to survivors of human trafficking. “I was doing a workshop for women who had been kicked out on the street because they’d gotten too old. They were so shy, but when they got the cameras in their hands? I’ve never seen people laugh so hard,” she says. “I want to help people see beauty in the darkness in their lives. They’re going through hard times, but see the beauty in that.” Photo by @brookeshaden
2 days ago
This little monkey-pup sees, hears and speaks no evil. 🙈🙉🙊 #WHPISpyEmojis Photo by @danidlm
3 days ago
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